Grass 2014

Solo exhibition of Photography held  in Niš, Pavilion of Contemporary Art, 2014.
There were 13 photographs in color exhibited in format 50x70cm.


Cool breeze
In a grass blade.


The artist has found answers to the questions she posed about the entire Nature. In its subtle response. Their introverted link has brought about marvellous scenes. The undulating world of grass, caught in a frame by the artist’s camera lens, ingenuously tells the secret truth about a curious, nature—loving eye. Her camera zoom lens reveals particularly precious details about the artist herself, her intentions, emotions and thoughts: in order to discern the starry heart of a grass blade, the mind and the eye have to be intimately close to it, touching it with their own body, as emissaries of their heart. Besides, when one zooms in, the rest of the surrounding scene remains in a mist. But the mind implies it and the Zen principle says that emptiness is not some abandoned space but the source of life.


Vesna Todorović